Making home the center of the health system

We design, build, and operate advanced clinical care models in the home and community to expand total health system capacity and improve patient access.

Maribel is a technology-enabled operating partner


Assessment and planning for home and community-based care to support local market and strategic needs


Programs and technology tailored and co-developed to fit your organization’s culture, processes, and workforce


Software, training, and ongoing management in a partnership for clinical excellence and lasting impact

We help increase total health system capacity


Example: Building a Hospital-at-Home

Create new, effective, and efficient acute care capacity in the home


Example: Optimizing a Home Health Joint Venture

Accelerate discharges to enhance bed turnover with advanced home care


Example: Continuity of Care for Complex Patients

Facilitate better integration of care for complex patients in the community

Our Mission

Make home the center of the health system

We believe that health systems need to make technology-enabled home and community care a seamless extension of their organizations to solve the impending workforce and demographic-driven capacity crisis.

Health Systems face long-term capacity challenges due to workforce limitations, reimbursement pressures, demographic shifts, and patient expectations

Advanced Home and Community Care that uses technology to extend the reach of hospitals and physicians is necessary to address these challenges

Maribel Health combines technology with professional expertise to help health systems solve their capacity constraints by designing, building, and operating advanced clinical care in the home and community

Work with our proven clinicians, operators, and technologists


Hospital-at-Home admissions overseen


Patients personally admitted into Hospital-at-Home programs


Peak Hospital-at-Home ADC managed


Advanced care at home programs designed and launched


Successful healthcare service and technology companies founded


Patients directly impacted

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Help make home the center of the health system



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Next step

Reach out to schedule an initial assessment

We offer a complimentary opportunity assessment to potential partners who are considering building or enhancing their advanced home care capabilities. 

We offer a very limited number of design engagements semi-annually and take care to ensure we can create lasting impact with each one.