See some of the ways we enable health systems to design, build, and operate home and community programs that increase total system capacity.


Building a Hospital-at-Home to support a 200+ ADC


Getting the most out of a home health joint venture


Creating an integrated home care ecosystem to succeed under risk


Building a 200+ census Hospital-at-Home

Background: A large, multi-state health system is struggling to keep up with acute care demand in existing facilities. Rather than building new brick-and-mortar capacity, the system decides to use Medicare’s Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver to help build out a multi-payer, value-based Hospital-at-Home program that will position them as a national leader in the transition of acute care into the home. 

Impact: Maribel is providing comprehensive design, build, and operational support to this project, and is responsible for executing technology-enabled logistics and supply chain build to create 200+ net new acute ADC capacity. 

Key Insight: Logistics Built for Scale

Current home and community care workflows and supply chains can struggle to support a large acute population with urgent needs – building a Hospital-at-Home requires identifying these gaps and deploying local solutions

Readiness Assessment

Maribel’s readiness assessment identifies gaps in existing capabilities that pose a barrier to reaching the program’s ADC targets and clinical outcomes

Local Leadership

Local Maribel program staff works with Health System operational leaders to identify targeted net-new capabilities required for success  

Last Mile Logistics

Acute patients and their caregivers receive the equipment and supplies they need quickly and reliably, ensuring care is not compromised


Optimizing home health joint ventures for hyper-performance

Background: A health system with a home health and hospice joint venture needs to improve post-acute throughput and achieve total cost of care and patient access objectives. Expansion of advanced home care services while enhancing the performance of traditional home-based services is a requirement. 

Impact: Maribel is providing comprehensive design, build, and operational support to home health JVs, with novel technology-enabled, advanced home care service expansion and improved health system integration to reduce inpatient ALOS and increase inpatient capacity. 

Key Insight: Integrating talent and technology 

Home health staff require enhanced workflow technology and better health system integration to increase their impact, and the training and support to make the most of these new tools

Maribel Academy

Maribel’s workforce hiring and training enable home health staff to support more complex care for more patients with higher quality and improved efficiency

Technology Deployment

Purpose-built home-based care workflow and logistics software allows for the delivery of more complex and dynamic care with a lower administrative burden

Continuous Improvement

Integrated reporting and analytics, grounded in best practices benchmarks, ensures that training and tools are put to use and programs reach their full potential


Home-based care designed to excel under risk 

Background:  A risk-bearing organization has identified a significant opportunity to improve the care of high-cost patients with complex, chronic conditions. Creating the clinical model and financial alignment to ensure excellent outcomes is needed.

Impact:  Maribel Operating Platform will be deployed to enhance risk-bearing primary care with services including home care, advanced illness management, remote patient monitoring, and community paramedicine, delivered as an integrated home care journey. 

Key Insight: Convenient, integrated care for complex patients

When home and community-based care is inadequate or disorganized, risk-bearing organizations are challenged – it takes a combination of design, training, and technology to create a better care setting for the patients who need it

Clinical & Operational Models

Maribel design processes enable a view of complex patients and their long term needs that includes the targeted interventions that will lead to value creation 

Regulatory & Compliance

Maribel delivers regulatory expertise on several Medicare and dual-eligible risk-bearing arrangements to ensure patient care is never compromised while also delivering a more effective care model 

Monitoring & Reporting

Centralized analytics and reporting from Maribel support both care quality and compliance for home and community care programs 

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