Advanced care at home requires motivating teams to continuously execute precisely on processes, workflows, and care plans. Partner with a team that lives in this world 24/7/365.

Maribel Operating Platform

Active management of advanced home-based services, enabled by highly-trained operators and custom tools, with the option for Maribel to assume full P&L financial risk.


Day-to-day Program Operations

Access turn-key program management services with Maribel Operating Platform – keep clinical control and accountability while reducing business and operational overhead and risk

Local Leadership

Always have leadership at arms-reach with local Maribel program leaders and staff, including a dedicated Executive Director and Director of Clinical Operations

Financial Accountability

Limit uncertainty by allowing Maribel to assume financial risk – from partial risk tied to performance to full risk as a provider under arrangement


Last Mile Logistics

Ensure patients and caregivers have the equipment, supplies, and technology they need without adding overhead with Maribel Operating Platform technology and services

Contracting Support

Keep vendors accountable for their performance and proactively identify opportunities for improved efficiency with Maribel’s third-party contract management and oversight

National Partnerships

Take advantage of Maribel’s growing list of integrations and partnerships with home health and RPM vendors to get the most out of those relationships for your health system


Workforce Enhancement

Keep your care teams engaged, efficient, and effective, with the tools and systems that allow them to bring the best of their expertise to serve their patients

Centralized Analytics & Insight

Benefit from at-scale insight with access to Maribel’s advanced analytics – and the option to join our national network of health systems to share insights and enhance patient targeting

Ongoing Technology Deployment

Continuously improve outcomes and efficiency with dynamic tech-enabled workflows and rapid deployment of validated technologies using the Maribel Operating Platform

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