Create an amazing experience for clinical staff, caregivers, and program leaders while delivering care in next generation models.

Mobile-first technology for decentralized teams 

Maribel Operating Platform includes a customized technology solution for our partners. It fills gaps in existing systems, creates a more coordinated and connected experience for clinicians, and uses automation to enhance productivity, skills, and clinical staff retention. 

Seamless logistics management for distributed care

Managing people, equipment, and supplies outside the walls of the hospital presents new challenges for health system logistics. Maribel designs, customizes, and deploys the workflow, supply-chain, and reporting tools required to make these challenging jobs easier. 

Tools that integrate with what works today

Maribel’s modular platform enhances and embeds within your existing technology, rather than replacing it. Keep using the solutions that work for you – and that your clinical staff already know.

Systems that lay the foundation for tomorrow

Maribel Operating Platform is designed with an eye on the future, allowing for rapid deployment of the inevitable advances in AI, robotics, and self-directed or remote patient care that will define the coming decades of healthcare. 

Advanced home care requires motivating teams to continuously execute processes, workflows, and care plans. Partner with a team that lives this world 24/7/365.

Our work begins and ends with the care provider in the home

The best clinical technology meets providers where they are to help them deliver better care. Our team focuses on building the simplest possible solutions to the most complex challenges faced by clinical staff. Because they should be thinking about their patients, not their tech stack.

Tim Dybvig, CTO


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